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Julie Yudina

Julie came from Russia. She did her PhD in Biology/Pharmacology at Frankfurt University. After that she was doing research at Lund University in cancer and inflammation fields. Her biggest interest is not only traditional medicine, but also yoga as other type of treatment.

Her yoga journey started 2002 in Germany with a teacher from the Sivananda tradition. She continued her practice after moving to Sweden and eventually she joined Classical Yoga and Meditation School, where she also received her yoga teacher education. She is dedicated to practicing yoga on her own and also continually go to retreats and courses to learn from teachers who are inspiring to her.

 Anna McPherson 

Anna was born in USA and came to Sweden when she was 12. Travelling to Asia in 2000 she started to practice yoga. Her interest to yoga and meditation was growing and in 2003 she joined the three months course in Scandinavian Yoga and Meditation school. Afterwards she began there her yoga teacher education and continued it for the next 3 years. The next 4 years she was starting and developing K-yoga school in Malmö and Lund together with Robert Nilsson and Omkarananda. She continued her yoga teacher education in Satyanada Yoga school led by Swami Omananda, Gopala and Sadhana Mala.

Anna has a deep and broad education within the Satyayanda yoga tradition and she is also an Ayurvedic health advisor. She conducts retreats in Sweden, Spain, and India: www.yoga-retreat.se