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Private yoga classes

Teacher to student is the traditional way to learn yoga. It is a great way to start as a beginner, private yoga classes allow you to ask many questions, it is also good for you, who may have specific goals or needs, or for someone with an injury or specific issues which makes attending a group class difficult. It is also ideal for someone with a very busy life, who may not find it convenient to get to a class, as private yoga classes are designed to fit around your schedule.

The private yoga classes could be used as an individual approach to managing and improving health. It can help you to reduce symptoms, accelerate healing, and make your life more fully regardless of your condition.

The sessions can be given in Russian, English or Swedish.

You pay 450:- per hour for the first session and you can book as long time as you want! The second session costs 600:- per hour or you could also buy a package with several lectures with 20% of discount.
Payment is taken in advance to secure your booking
You can always cancel an appointment without charge as long as you give me 48 hours notice.

 For more information or making an appointment please send me an e-mail using the ‘contact‘ form,
or send me sms to 0762-30 17 11

I look forward to hearing from you!